atelier du brasseur corme-ecluse

The brewer's workshop

Offers you to make and customize your own beer (blonde, red, brown, white, black ...) 4-6 weeks later, collect the bottles of your delicious beverage. One day session for a price between € 90 and € 120. 20 € more with a companion with tasting of our beers. Workshop of 6 people maximum.

Craft techniques

Brewing your beer is good, but with the right technique it is better. Rainy days are not gloomy at Airocéan. In our brewer's workshop, we discuss artisanal techniques that will give results in line with your ideas. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the ingredients that will make up your future beer. Marc accompanies you throughout your session to teach you the gestures of the beer brewer.

on nous, a rapporté que la 7ème ciel  aurait des pouvoirs aphrodisiaques,  la raison pourrait venir de sa  composition unique faite d'un mélange de Gingembre, Piments, poivres et quelques mystères...

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Our products

Craft beers:
Manufacturing, sale and tasting on site. Beer 'Looping' Blonde, Brown, Red, Black, White .... Beer '7th heaven' Blonde spices / Ginger Gift boxes of 3, 5 or 6 beers are available as well as new beers to discover throughout the year!

Les News de l’atelier du Brasseur

Brew your beer on our ulm base

It is at Corme-écluse 17600 near Royan that our Airocéan ULM base welcomes you to teach you how to brew but also to create your own beer. Even if it's raining outside, things are moving on the Airocéan ULM base! The Brewers created Looping beer See the page

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